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This post has expired! It was posted more than 1736 days ago.

seeking foreign teachers for schools of all levels all over China

Posted by: Northern University Cooperation Inc

Posted date: 2011-May-09

Location: beijing

Northern University Cooperation Inc. matches foreign teachers and experts with a broad range of schools and institutions in China, including kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges/universities, trade/career schools, and training organizations. We have established close contact and cooperation with educational organizations and colleges/universities in the United States, Canada, and other English-speaking countries. We also have many years of experience in referring foreign teachers and experts to work in China. All of our advisors have extensive overseas networks and our experienced recruitment consultants can provide you with detailed and accurate guidance in navigating your path to teaching abroad.

Northern University Cooperation Inc. invites you to come to China as a valued teacher who can enrich the minds and learning experience of Chinese students. From kindergartens to universities, foreign teachers are needed all over China. As a result, we are enthusiastically recruiting foreign educators at all levels for numerous available teaching positions in schools across various cities and regions in China. As a foreign teacher, you not only will be a respected and valued expert in your school, you can also become the traveler you read about in travel magazines who has the time of his/her life basking in the thousands-year-old culture of the storied Middle Kingdom. This is truly the chance of a lifetime!

Help schools educate students who are eager to learn. Enrich Chinese children’s knowledge about the English language, Western culture and the world. Make a difference in the lives of young people who want higher education in an English-speaking country. And finally, bring yourself to the land of nearly 5000 years of continuous history and experience the sights, sounds and tastes that only China can give you!

please send your resume ,the copy of your passport and visa ,your recent colour photo to us :1581666315@qq.com
my qq:1581666315 . 
talk online pls,we are online all day.

or go to our website at http://t.nuedu.us/


Job Title seeking foreign teachers for schools of all levels all over China
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Posted By Northern University Cooperation Inc
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Email 1581666315@qq.com
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